November 1, 2010

Day One

Last night, I made a good time of taking photos of all things Halloween that I could find in my dorm room.  This mask was a part of my costume. :)

Day 1 Writing:
Like vagabonds, we wandered the streets, freezing in our costumes and looking for a place to go.  It was late, and with the dark it was getting colder every second.  But we didn't mind - we were enjoying the time, the mystery of where we were going, of where we'd end up.  The mystery of where we'd be at the end of tonight, and of what the first rays of the morning light would have in store for us 

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  1. so, candycorn is really creepily shiny. makes me scared about what actually is in it. BUT, the photographs sont tres jolie!(see? I'm using my french, so it's okay) Andd I didn't really read the writing too intensely, but it seems good haha. <3 ~a mysterious stranger.kinda. not really.


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