To Do List

This is my "To-Do List", where I keep track of my list of things I want to do in my life, and which of those things I've accomplished. :)  I'm constantly going to be adding to it/changing it, because that's what happens - life changes your goals :)
  1. Visit all 50 states
  2. Go Skydiving
  3. Go Bungee Jumping 
  4. Visit Abbey Road.
  5. Go Cave Diving (that sounds both terrifying and amazing at the same time!)
  6. See the Golden Gate Bridge
  7. Visit Ireland, Australia, and Italy
  8. Spend a year or two (at least) travelling
  9. Read everything Poe has ever written
  10. Learn to play Poker
  11. Live in a dorm room with a roommate I didn't previously know
  12. Start - and finish - a 365 project 
  13. Learn another language
  14. Own mismatched china and silverware 
  15. Have a book published
  16. Have my own apartment - live alone for a period of time
  17. Photograph a wedding
  18. Be the actual photographer at a wedding
  19. Take a drawing class
  20. Take a creative writing class
  21. Work for a literary magazine (not my school's)
  22. Live in a gorgeous stone house
  23. Tour a home that I could absolutely never afford
  24. New Year's Eve kiss <3
  25. Road trip
  26. Figure out what I want to do with my life, and still be happy with that decision by the time I'm 40
  27. Graduate grad school
  28. Have 100 followers on here!  (I need your help for this one, guys!)
  29. Make a dress  
  30. Be in Time's Square on New Year's Eve to see the ball drop
  31. Live at the beach for an entire summer  
  32. Have a fling in a foreign country 

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