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For a couple reasons - one being my inability to remember all the "books" (I use that term loosely, because I plan to include magazines, newspapers, blogs, and whatever else that I think of) that I want to read, and the other being because my recent posts concerning what I've been reading seem to have been relatively popular - I'm going to start listing here the ever-changing (and I use that term because I think of a new book on almost a daily basis) list of things I plan to read.
Pretty much, as I finish something, I'll cross it off the list.  And whenever I think of something new I want to read, I'll just add it.  :)  As always, I love suggestions, so if there's anything you've been reading that you've been itching to share with someone, please share it with me!!

1.  The Help 
2.  Water for Elephants
3.  What Happened to Goodbye
4.  Paper Towns
5.  An Abundance of Katherines
6.   Future Shock (recommended by Jessica 
7.  Every short story written by Edgar Allan Poe
8.   It's Kind of a Funny Story
9.  The New York Times  (at least one from cover to cover)
10.   A Million Little Pieces  (recommended by Heather)
11.  The Complete Sherlock Holmes
12.  Room 
13.  The Hunger Games series (recommended by Ashley, among other people)
14.  The Hunchback of Notre Dame 
15.  La Lacuna (recommended by Emily)
16.  Sellevision
17.   Anna Karenina
 18.  Dante's Inferno  
19.  The Wild Things
20.  Wicked
21.   The Witches of Eastwick
22.  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
23.  The Queen of Everything
24.  Winter Garden
25.  Something Borrowed  (recommended by Tara)
26.  Fight Club 
27.  The Wizard of Oz

 Any suggestions?? 


  1. Bossypants by Tina Fey and also A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel. Both hilarious and also inspirational!

  2. I'll have to check both of those out! Thanks for the suggestions, Nicole!
    <3 Kiersten


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