December 29, 2010


The other day my dad bought a bouquet of these flowers at the Wegman's, and I've been meaning to get some pictures of them :)
Then, I took some photos of Kitty :)

December 27, 2010


When I was about 5 years old, my mom signed me up for dance lessons: tap and ballet.  The little girl that I was tended to quit just about everything (that is, until I got to horse-back riding, but that's irrelevant) and after my first big recital, I was finished.  However, I love ballet - I think those girls are gorgeous, and as a "photographer" (HAH.  okay, let's just admit that it's a hobby, and I can't quite call myself a photographer) I've always wanted to be able to photograph them.  I think those are the most beautiful portraits, and I have these ideas in my head for photos.  However, there are no dance studios around me, not that I'd be allowed to simply go photograph little girls dancing anyway, and I lack any friends who do ballet.  

Are there any photos you've always wanted to take?  I'd love to hear about it!!

December 26, 2010

Some Holiday Photos

Some Christmasy photos from my past couple of days :)
The gingerbread cookies, baked by my younger cousin, were delicious, as was the entire dinner my aunt and grandmother prepared!  
How was your holiday, and time with family and friends?  Do you have any fun stories, or pretty photos to share?  I hope you all had a delightful holiday as well, and I can't wait to hear about it!

December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night

Tonight is Christmas Eve., and the presents are wrapped beneath the tree just waiting to be opened.  My Kitty has been curiously inspecting them over the past few days, and the paper on a few of them bear the casualty of her touch.  (Okay, I'll stop trying to make it sound pretty - she ripped the paper on a couple of the gifts.  She's angry with them for sitting where she intends to take her naps)
My mom has already made plate-fulls of hundreds of her chocolate-covered pretzels that she only makes once a year, and which all her friends tell her she should make a website to sell.  (I can remember, as a little girl still in Catholic grade-school, how she would make hundreds of them just for my brother and I to take into school, aside from the hundreds that she makes otherwise.  We's spend hours melting chocolate, freezing the now covered pretzels, and stuffing bags with them to take into school for our classmates.  Because my mom works full-time, and has been known over the years to work two jobs at a time, the pretzels never had a specific time when they were made, just always somewhere between November 1st, and December 24th; so beginning in the 2nd or 3rd week of November, when my birthday was beginning to approach, my friends would begin pestering me as to when the pretzels would be arriving.)
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday-eve, and enjoy your day tomorrow!  We'll be celebrating tonight, since my mom has work tomorrow and my dad, brother and I will be going to my uncle's house to celebrate.
Enjoy your time with family, and I'll see you guys in a few days!

December 22, 2010

Holiday Photos!!

Today, my mom and I spent the day finishing up our last-minute Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, and making chocolate covered pretzels!  So here, finally, are some Christmas photos from our house, all decorated. :)
Our NY plans have changed - we're going to be going next week when it's less crowded/hectic, after the holidays, but when all the decorations are still up.  :)  We might, however, go into Philly for the light show, so I might have pictures for you from that!!
Do you guys have any fun holiday plans or photos to share?

December 20, 2010

Merry White-Christmas (And a thank-you)

Over the past week, I've been noticing lots of new visitors, and receiving plenty of lovely little notes from you all, so I thought it appropriate to say thank you!!!  Please, stick around, and know that I also love visiting you all at your pages as well!  It makes my night to be able to sign on here and see that I've had visitors while I was away! :)
The photo is from here when I Google-Image-Searched. :)  I promise, I'll start getting some recent photos of my own for you guys soon!!
Tomorrow marks the first day of Winter, and is therefore the shortest day of the year.  From there, the days only get longer.  (exciting thought for me, who can't stand the cold!)
So far, we haven't had any snow (except for a light dusting last week in my college town), but they've been calling for a White Christmas, so I guess we'll see how that works out! Have you loves been getting any snow recently? 
On Thursday, my mom brother and I are going to New York for the day to see the tree and do some last minute shopping!  I can't wait to get some photos for you guys!
So tell me, what have you loves been doing with your holidays?  Any fun adventures or pretty pictures to share?


December 19, 2010


"Don't walk behind me; I may not lead.  Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow.  Just walk beside me and be my friend." 
- Albert Camus

December 18, 2010

Good-morning, Weekend :)

"Dear Prudence open up your eyes
Dear Prudence see the sunny skies
The wind is low the birds will sing
That you are part of everything
Dear Prudence won't you open up your eyes?"
- The Beatles

December 17, 2010

My Loves

Happy Friday, everyone!  And for you college students like me, happy Christmas break!!
My loves for today:
  - hot chocolate!
  - being (almost) done with finals
  - having my name spelled right on the cup at Starbucks
  - spending time in the lobby studying for finals with friends before we go home for a month 

So, lovelies, tell me:  What do you think of the new layout?  And what do you have planned for your break?  
I plan to take lots of wonderful pictures to share with you, and I'd like to work on my writing as well!  And, of course, spend lots and lots of time with friends!!

Poetic Ramblings of a Biology Professor

"One day, we'll all fade away like cheap perfume on a summer night.  But don't worry yourselves about that now."
- Dr. Waber

December 16, 2010


Leah wanted to make love to the man standing across the room from her.  She wanted to take him to a room in the back of the hotel they were both apparently staying at, to leave a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.  Perhaps though, that was the problem:  that she was referring to it that way.  Honestly, love was not involved.  There were no real feelings involved at all - she didn't even know his name, though for now she was going to refer to him as Dave, because she liked that name and he reminded her of a "Dave".  She'd like to fuck a Dave.  On a real level, neither of them knew anything about each other, but they’d both looked at each other, and in Leah’s opinion he wouldn’t mind pinning her against a wall either. 

Well¸ she thought to herself, I’m here for a week, and he’s just now checking in as well.  That gives me seven days.  With this determination in her head, and a laminated room card in her hand, Leah walked towards the elevators where ‘Dave’ was now waiting. 

“Hey, there!  I’m Leah, what’s your name?”  Well, there’s no use to me waiting around all week dodging around what I already know I want, she thought to herself.  “Hi.  I’m Eric.”  Well that’s disappointing.  “Nice to meet you, Eric,” and with that, Leah turned.  “Have a nice day.  I think I’m going to take the stairs.”  Leah knew what she wanted, and someone named Eric was not it. 

The only way that I can explain where this came from is to say that it is the result of a prompt.  Honestly, I wouldn't have written this otherwise.  

Two more finals - both tomorrow.  It's snowing outside, and for the first time this season, it's sticking.  Ick.  :(  I don't like snow - it just signifies that it really is THAT cold.

December 15, 2010

A Random Quote

I stumbled to this today, here and I really liked it, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. :)
That is all. 

December 14, 2010

Share the Love

"What's for dinner, Marje?"

Perhaps this was the last straw, hearing her husband Bill ask her this for what was likely the millionth time in their twenty years together.  Perhaps it was the nonchalant way he asked it, as if she had at any point said to him that she was going to prepare dinner, or as though he had no reason to believe that maybe he should make it tonight. 

Then again, it was possible he'd done nothing wrong, and she was just incredibly tired from eighteen years of marriage to a man she'd stopped loving thirteen years ago.  It was a long time to spend with a man you have no desire to waste even a second of your day with.

Whatever it was though, Margaret stopped.  She'd been in the middle of taking a bowl out of the cupboard, and as he said this it fell to the floor, breaking into a million irretrievable pieces that reminded her of their marriage, and as she bent to pick up what she could and he remained on the same chair watching the football game, she suddenly stopped.  Standing back up, Margaret turned, and walked out the back door, leaving her husband in the house they no longer shared, unaware that she wasn't coming back.

I took my Psych final this morning, leaving only one more terrifying final to go - Biology.  After that, it's just the classes I'm not too worried about: Politics of Diversity, Pop Culture, Public Speaking.  Pretty typical first-semester-Freshman classes, I think.  
I love Starbucks' new phrase.  Do you guys have any stories to tell?  Share them in the comment box!!

December 13, 2010

Mental Breakdown

I need comfort food.  Desperately.  I need hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and Cap'n Crunch, and Ramen (which I pronounce ram-ee-in), and chocolate, none of which my school's cafeteria has to offer.  
Finals begin tomorrow, and all I can seem to find the motivation to do is cry about that fact.  Finals terrify me; they are like a big scary monster hiding under my bed, and I'm not talking theoretically.  Except that unlike a terrified five-year-old, I crave sleep, because at least in my dreams I'm not thinking about how badly I'm going to screw up that Biology 100 final  (well, until I have that nightmare where my TA hands me a test covered in the blood of my Professor's pen with the number 52 circled in the top corner).  Save me.  Christmas break, please come faster. 

First Snow

I woke this morning to a feeling of cold in the air.  Not an uncomfortable kind of cold, but the kind that means snow.  For months, I'd anticipated this, and now, as I lied alone in my dorm room while my roommate was out at class, I kept my eyes shut, taking the feeling in.  I lied perfectly still, my eyes shut, taking in the feelings that come with the season's first snow;  I wanted to remember this, every moment of it, because it was my first winter at college.  
By time the time I'd opened my eyes, directing them at the window across from me, the snow had stopped, leaving no trace of what I knew had just been there.
I stumbled to this about 15 minutes ago, and thought it would be nice to share with you guys.  I think it's absolutely stunning, and envy whoever it is that possesses that much talent.  Unfortunately, I'm terrible, and don't have the link for you guys. :(


December 11, 2010

WebCam Love

 This is me, according to my webcam.  

I intended to take pictures of my friends for you guys, but they seem to be having none of that.  Apparently, they need to be dressed up for me to photograph them.

(I feel a little vain for posting this.  But I was bored, and messing with my webcam...

The end of the semester is fast approaching!  A week from now, I will be at home.  It's going to be so strange to not be able to just walk down the hall and bug my friends...  Though Rose and I are going to adventure into a town near both of ours at some point, and that should be fun!

Unfortunately, I don't have anything artistic or even interesting for you guys tonight, since I've been putting this off for most of the day...

December 10, 2010

An Empty Vase

Today, as I was going through cabinets spring cleaning, I found this amongst the empty boxes and cleaning supplies in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  Old, and somewhat dusty, it used to hold happy memories of awkward first dates, and the scent of sweat and perfume after a daughter's senior prom.  Now, many years and a million other memories later, it sat in the back of a cabinet collecting dust and containing the scent of citrus dish soap.  

I took it out placed it on the counter, mixed thoughts racing through my mind, but only one intention.  Now, it is cleaned, shining and empty as the day it was purchased for just $.25 at a garage sale - my grandfather's gift to his wife.  Now, generations later, it sat on my counter, empty and without any intended purpose.

I wished that somebody would bring me flowers, just so that it would look less empty, and I could feel less pathetic by placing it on display.


Today is Friday - time for my obsessions.
   1)  Christmas bows - my roommate and I have them on the door.  There is one on my laptop, and also one on my tissue box.
   2)  Rubber duckies.  I collect them :)
   3)  Hot chocolate, especially in my new Cheshire Cat mug. (given as a gift from my good friend)  

What are your weekly obsessions, my loves?
Happy weekend!

December 9, 2010

Coffee Shop Memories

"Stillness vs. Motion.  It only a relative matter."  
Do you remember that time in the coffee house - we were sitting across from each other, not saying very much of anything.  You had ordered a small hot chocolate (because coffee had never been your thing), and were sprinkling cinnamon and nutmeg on it, because you wanted it to feel more like winter.  

You looked up from your cup, and asked me what I was thinking about that I was being so quiet; I told you that I was wondering, not about anything in particular, but if out place on this earth really meant much in the end.  

Do you remember what you told me then?  You told me that we didn't mean anything at all, that in the end, we'd be scattered just as though we were sand on a beach.  For some reason, this was the answer I'd been searching for all along, I think because it was the honest one.

Maybe, in the end, when we look at ourselves next to the ocean, or in comparison to Times Square, who we are and what we've done with our lives means nothing; but I think, at least, that who we are and what we've done with our lives means very much to each other.  I think that was what I was really asking you.

It feels good to have written something without forcing myself to write it, and without worrying about any sort of "form".  It's not very much, I know.  But it's a start. 

Also, I have been lurking about on this site, and they've made me aware of just how often I use the words "and", "like", and "but".  I tried not to do that so much here. :)


PS. I love comments, so please leave me some love letting me know what you think!!  But when you do, leave your name so I can follow you back to your blog or whatever, because that's another thing I love - finding new, awesome blogs to read! :) <3

December 8, 2010

December 7, 2010

Christmas-time is Almost Here

I haven't been taking any new photos lately. :(  This is because most of the photos I take are outdoors, and it's winter, a season which I despise.  The warmest it has been in the past couple of weeks has been 38 degrees.  I can barely get myself to walk to class, the library, and the dining hall, let alone go outside and wander around taking photos.  Besides, everything's dead, and there's no snow as of yet, so there's not really much to take a photo of.  I do miss photography, though.  What do you guys like to take pictures of?

But the season is upon us, so I think that today I'm going to share with you guys the few winter photos I have taken in the past.  

For a while, I took exclusively photos of flowers, close-up.  This was my father's pride and joy last year - his Pointsetta.  

If you live on the East Coast, you suffered through the multiple snow storms last year, as well.  This was one of the first ones, and for my dog Dixie, this was her first adventure in the snow.  Ever.  (We adopted her from somewhere in the south that doesn't get cold or snow.)  She was loving it.  
I know that I posted this photo yesterday, but when I searched through all my photos, and could only find TWO wintery/Christmasty photos, I felt bad.  

Finals start a week from today.  I don't want to make any promises about the faithfulness of my posting next week, because there is a very high chance that when I'm not taking a final, I'll be either studying or having a nervous breakdown.  Not much time for simple things like sleep, food, and blogging.  Are any of you preparing for finals?  Or are you getting ready for Christmas, and have pictures to share?? Share the love in the comment box!

December 6, 2010

Happy Monday

Hello everyone, how was your weekends?  I hope you had a wonderful, relaxing time with friends. :)  I went ice-skating, got most of my Christmas shopping done, and relaxed and got some much-needed studying done.  All in all, I consider it a successful, though freezing cold weekend!  What did you guys do with your time off??

Finals are next week, a fact which is stressing me out enough to consider buying a puppy for my dorm room.  (apparently having a dog can lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and reduce your chance of having/dying from a heart attack.)
This is my dog, Dixie, at home.  She was adopted, so she's afraid of pretty much everything.  And I do not exaggerate that fact.

Outside, it's 34 degrees right now.  (I want to move south.  Like directly on top of the equator.  Ecuador, perhaps?  Okay, not really.  But Georgia might be nice...)

I finished my week-long project of trying a different poetry form every day,  on Saturday.  Which means that I am now totally out of ideas for writing, so it may be a couple of days before you guys see any more of that.

Christmas time is almost here!!  Are you guys excited for the break?  I am.

Leave me some love in the comment box!

PS.  Today is the last day for the poll on your favorite holiday.  Don't forget to vote!!!

December 4, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Winter

Last night, I went ice-skating with a few friends.  Even though I'm terrible at it, it was so much fun.  Today, we went Christmas shopping at one of the malls around here.  It's starting to feel a lot like winter. :)
Cinquain:  From the French, meaning "a grouping of five."  The Cinquain has five lines, with two, four, six, eight, and two syllables, respectively.  Twenty-two syllables total.  No more than two sentences total.
defines her now.
As she walks towards me,
I think only of how much I
love her.

December 3, 2010

Hello Loves! Happy Friday :)

Hello loves, and Happy Friday!!  I love Fridays, they hold so much possibility!  Even if, by Sunday afternoon, all you've done is finish up some class-work, write a couple things that nobody will ever read, slept in till way too late, and spent some much-needed time with some good friends, it's the feeling on Friday, that so much could happen in the next couple of days.  

So in a toast to Fridays, I am going to start a new little once-a-week project, the idea of which came from two areas:  (1st) from this lovely blog, and (2nd) from something a friend and I used to do in high-school.  (We would list our "obsessions" for the day, every day)

My Loves
(1)  Sunny mornings, even if when you go outside, it's not as warm as your windows may have told you.
(2)  Our Song, by The Spill Canvas  (clicky to go listen to it!!)  
(3)  Beautiful photos that remind me why I love photography
(4)  Hot chocolate
(5)  A new month!, and with it, the realization that New Years Eve is just around the corner
(6) All things yellow  (like lemons, and my slowly growing collection of rubber ducks)

ABC Poem - has 5 lines that create a mood, picture, or feeling. Lines 1 through 4 are made up of words, phrases or clauses - and the first word of each line is in alphabetical order from the first word. Line 5 is one sentence, beginning with any letter.

A breeze blows around me,
beginning at the trees
calmly surrounding me,
dying out  at the opposite end.
It was just as though everything in the world had stopped.

December 2, 2010

I'm going to be doing an Autobiographical Poem today.  I picked this form from here.
I am me.
Eccentric, eclectic, flighty, and free,
I am whoever I want to be,
Feeling all the senses as they surround me.
I feel as vast and as unpredictable as the sea,
That surrounds me, washing over my feet.
I am me.
So I don't know if you guys noticed, but there's a poll in the side bar, right at the top of my page. :)  Go ahead and answer it while you're here!!!

December 1, 2010

A Storm

Still no suggestions on poetry forms from you guys, so I've chosen again.  
Today, I'm doing a Tanka - a classic form of Japanese poetry related to the haiku with five unrhymed lines of five, seven, five, seven, and seven syllables. (5, 7, 5, 7, 7)
Wind sweeps angrily
underneath a graying sky.
It brings in the rain
bitterly and with sadness
she sweeps the world with revenge
It's been raining for most of the day here. I know that it's been snowing in some other places though, like Pittsburgh and Happy Valley.
(I'm learning that I'm terrible at counting syllables. I mean, I can count the syllables, but it gives me a lot of trouble making sure I don't go over.