Nice to Meet You

Hello, friends!  
Thanks so much for stopping by to get to know me a little, and for allowing me to welcome you to me little piece of the blogging world.  I hope you'll grab a snack and stay a while! 

I started this blog because I love to write and photograph.  So much of this world is so beautiful, and I think it needs to be recorded, to help us take the time to see it.

{That's my goal: 
to record as much of the world's beauty as possible}

...starting with the little things, like flowers and butterflies.

Sometimes I can be a little fickle - I don't always remember to post, and even when I do, it may not be until 11:53pm.  But I do my best, and I always remember to stop by your little homes in the blogging world.  

I'm 19 years old, and I'm still figuring out what I'm good at.  I'm an English major, putting the emphasis on my Journalism minor, trying to do what I love.  

<3 Kiersten

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