June 29, 2011

The Beach

Originally, Amber and I had planned on going to Ocean City, Maryland.  
At around 2am on what was technically Sunday morning, when we finally Mapquested the directions and saw that it was a four hour drive, we decided to go to Ocean City, New Jersey instead.  A much more reasonable two hour drive which afforded us an extra hour or so of sleep.  
So after playing with the kittens that she found outside of her house for a bit longer, we finally went to sleep, and didn't wake up again until about five hours later when her alarm went off.
Adorable, right?
A few hours later, after stopping at Cumberland Farms to get gas and pick up a pack of ice, and stopping at Amber's parents' house for a cooler, we were on our way.  
The drive went easily, amazingly enough we didn't get lost, and we were on the beach by about 11:30 laying out our blanket and (at least on my part) covering myself in sun-tan lotion.  (Being Irish, Polish, Scottish, and Swedish means that I burn.  A lot.  Very easily.)
  Of course, the first thing that I did was climb on the rocks (apparently, I later learned, that's a big no-no) and take pictures of the ocean, which Amber later managed to convince me to go into (just my feet...just because it meant I could take more pictures).
Despite my undeniable fear of heights, I love ferris wheels.  And other boardwalk rides.  But I find ferris wheels beautiful.
That night, we decided to stay at a hotel.  (a decision which eventually became more of a necessity than a decision when her back windshield broke and we couldn't drive home at night with a tarp over the back of the car)
We stayed out on the boardwalk until what was technically the next day, and slept as late as we could the next day before we had to check out.  We spent a couple more hours on the beach, but left when it started to look like rain and we didn't to get stuck driving home in a terrible storm.  
It was such a great trip, and I miss the beach already!!  Of course, there are plenty more photos, but I didn't want to overwhelm the post with too many of them!
How were your weekends, loves?  Did you do anything exciting?
<3 Kiersten  

June 25, 2011

Ocean City

Hello loves!
Tomorrow will be my first beach trip of the season - a friend and I are going for the day to Ocean City New Jersey (a last minute change of plans from the original decision to go to Maryland).  I'm so excited!  I bought a new bathing suit for the occasion last night, and I'm already completely packed (trust me...this is early for me to be packed) waiting for her to get here to pick me up since I'm sleeping at her house tonight.  
I love love LOVE the beach.  To the point where usually, my first trip there each summer is usually when I realize "Hey, it's actually SUMMER!"
My family and I always took vacations every summer for as long as I can remember, and in recent years it has been to places like California, The Bahamas, and Vegas.  When I was younger though, we used to rent a house down the shore for the entire summer, and then my parents would alternate taking us to the house.  We would spend a pretty huge portion of our summers there, sometimes bringing friends from home with us, and other times making friends with the other kids our age who were there for the summer.  One summer I remember in particular (I even remember the name of the street we stayed on)  I  became good friends with a little girl who lived in the house next door.  We used to spend entire days together playing, and by the end of the summer neither of us wanted it to be over, although we both had childlike dreams that we'd see each other again the next year.  We even exchanged addresses to send each other letters, but I don't remember if we ever actually kept that promise to one another.  
To me, the beach means summer.  I used to want to live near one...but honestly, I think that would kill some of the magic of it.  If I always had the ocean around the corner, it wouldn't be as special when I was able to make trips there.  It wouldn't mean it was summer anymore.  
How about you?  What do you consider a sure sign of summer's being here?
<3 Kiersten 
PS.  These photos were all ones I took last summer in OCMD :)

June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday (1)

This week I am thankful for:

* Summer *
* A job I love *
* Bananagrams *
* My Kitty *  

What are you thankful for this week, loves?  Link up to Love, Life, Lace if you decide to make your own post! 

<3 Kiersten 

June 21, 2011

Happy Summer

Today officially marks The First Day of Summer - one of my favorite days of the year!
So to say goodbye to Spring, here are some of the photos I've taken over the season this past year.

And here are some photos I took today, on the first day of Summer :)
 I know this is really blurry....but I love it

Do you guys love the Summer?  Or are you waiting for Fall? 

<3 Kiersten 
PS.  I just joined Bloglovin', so make sure to go follow me there :)  Thanks!

June 20, 2011

Paper Towns

Over the past week, I read a couple of books (Paper Towns by John Green, and What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen).  Since I finished Paper Towns most recently (yesterday), I'm going to talk about it today.  (Plus, John Green is just awesome.)
Paper Towns is the second book by John Green that I've read.  (a couple of years ago, a friend recommended that I read Looking for Alaska)  And just like the first one, it was amazing.  The book starts with the narrator, "Q"'s next-door neighbor and crush, Margo, knocking on his window dressed as a ninja.  Over the course of that night, the two of them go on a number of "adventures" together.  
The next day, Margo disappears, and for the rest of their senior year of high-school, Q, his two friends, and a friend of Margo's spend most of their free time searching for her.  
The book is hysterical throughout, despite some of the more serious parts in it, a gift that John Green seems to have within his writing.  

June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I've always been a Daddy's Girl.   
(that's not to say that I don't also love my mother - I do.)
As a little girl, I would run to the front door at 4pm every day fighting with my brother to see my dad first.  
As a baby, still in the crib, I would yell for him every morning.  
I love The Beatles because it is a love ingrained in me by my father.  From drives to wherever when A Hard Day's Night would play on the radio and he would ask my brother and I to identify not only the band, but whether it was Paul or John singing.  
(as little kids, my brother and I were utterly convinced that in school he'd been made to memorize the lyrics to just about every song, because we could not comprehend the idea of just knowing all the words to so many songs) 
So much of my personality comes from him, and no matter how old I get, I know that he'll still see me as that 6 year old girl who invited him to tea parties in the back yard.  
I love my dad, and he has helped make me the person I am today.
Did you post about your dad today?  I'd love to read it!
<3 Kiersten
PS.  I know I'm late on my book post.  I promise, I'll post tomorrow!!  

June 16, 2011

Longwood Gardens

Yesterday, since it was my mom's and my day off work and it was my brother's first day of summer vacation, the three of us took a spontaneous trip to Longwood Gardens.  The entrance fee is pretty cheap, especially since my brother and I both got discounted tickets for being students, and we spent about five hours wandering through the gardens, the trails, and the conservatory.
I, of course, took plenty of photos.
This was the "Whispering Bench".  Because of the way it's built and some other things that I don't quite understand, a person sitting on one side of the bench can hear a person on the other clearly when they're only whispering.  Theoretically, as my brother put it, "it's a great tool for eves-dropping"!
Of course, these aren't nearly even half of the photos, but Blogger only lets me upload one photo at a time, so I just posted some of my favorites. :)
How has your week been, loves?  Anything exciting going on?
<3 Kiersten

June 11, 2011

Watcha Reading?

Hey guys!  So I think I'm going to start using Saturdays to post what I'm reading, and talk about it.  I read compulsively, and last night almost had a panic attack at the mere thought of the Nook and how it's going to be the death of book stores.  I love owning books, being able to fill a bookshelf with them and hold them while I'm reading them.  I love being able to stack the books I plan to read in a pile next to my bed.  I love wandering through Barnes & Noble reading the backs of  every book that catches my fancy.  I dream of one day being able to stack the books that I (hopefully) write on a shelf in my office, and saying to people "These are my books!". 
Ok, enough of that rambling.  
 image from here
Right now I am in between books.  I just finished reading The Help a couple of days ago, and since I haven't been able to start a new one yet (and that one is amazing) I'm going to write about it!
I know you've all probably seen the commercials for the movie.  Well, I'm one of those people who likes to read the book first, and I had also heard from a reliable source that the book was wonderful.  
Well, you know those books that keep you up at night reading them?  The Help was one of those books, and it's been a while since I've had a book like that!  I stayed up till past midnight every night for a couple days just reading that book, and almost missed the bus on Thursday because I couldn't put it down
I don't want to tell you too much about the book before you read it, but it's about Jackson, Mississippi during segregation.  The book centers on black women working for white families, and one white girl who decides to get their side of the story.  It's told from 3 different points of view, which makes reading it plenty more interesting than one omniscient viewpoint!  
So what are you reading right now, loves?  Any suggestions?  I think I'm going to start on Water For Elephants next!
<3 Kiersten 

June 9, 2011

Hey guys!  
So now that I'm finally back after my break, I'm moving my Weekly Grateful post to Thursdays (doesn't it sound better anyway - Thankful Thursdays?), which makes today Day 1!  If you haven't seen anybody talking about something like this before, and you're interested check out the link above, or the link on my sidebar to go to the blog where it started!
-getting to see good friends from school
-places like Pheonixville
-bookstores that do still exist.  Most of them are privately owned, which means a lot fewer books, but it's better than using the Nook!
-really good books that keep me up all night reading (I just finished The Help and it's the first book in a while that's had that affect on me!)
How about you, loves?  What are you thankful for this week?  Link me up if you decide to join us, and don't forget to drop by Love, Life, Lace too!
<3 Kiersten

June 5, 2011

Maroon 5 and Spring Cleaning

For as long as I can remember, my parents have held the mantra, upon hearing some new song on the radio targeted towards my generation, that there just isn't a band that will hold through the years the way there was when they were kids.  And maybe that's true - I can't debate that none of the bands I listen to are on the same level as The Beatles were and still are.  At the same time though,  I have a feeling that my grandparents held Sinatra in a higher regard than John Lennon.
Every so often a mood will hit me to listen to Maroon 5.  They're all I'll be able to listen to for a couple of days, and today was one of those days.  I spent most of my day cleaning, and in the background my iTunes played their most recent CD, as well as one so old that they went under the name Kara's Flowers.  I've loved Maroon 5 for as long as I've been listening to music, really. And I doubt that that will change.
Now I'm sure that not everyone feels the same way as I do about This Love and Never Gonna Leave This Bed, but they're a band that I'll certainly remember as being a large part of my childhood.
Okay, so I guess this post is trying to make a very shallow and basic topic much more deep than it is, but I'm listening to my iTunes as I write this, and it's what came to mind to write about.
Like I said - I spent a large portion of my day today cleaning my room and doing laundry.  I even went so far as to organize my bookshelf (it's small, and doesn't hold even a third of the books I own.  But honestly I just have a thing for bookshelves) - an organizational strategy that may even confuse the Vatican at first, and a few minutes ago Kitty was taking her first peak around the room.  It hasn't been this clean since I graduated last June and started getting ready for college (constantly in a state of packing and unpacking over the last 12 months).  She seemed confused by the state of things and quickly demanded that I let her out of the room. Personally though, I like it.  I know that in less than a couple of months the room will be chaos and nearly empty again as I pack up all my things to go back to school in the fall, but for now I'm enjoying it.
What did you guys do today?  Anything exciting?  I'd love to hear about it!!
<3 Kiersten 

June 4, 2011

I'm back :)

Hello loves!
I'm finally back from my hiatus (albeit a little later than expected), and I'm pretty excited about it.  There were days where I really wanted to write on here, but life got in the way.  
As for the 365 Project that I mentioned restarting in June, I think I'm going to put that on hold.  My most recent attempt at it certainly wasn't my first, and for right now I think I need to take a break from it and figure out what it is I need to do in order to ensure that I actually finish it.  Any suggestions?  
Anyways, summer has been good to me so far.  Although I haven't gotten too much done (especially with that 2-week lock-in as a result of my unidentified illness) but the weather has been gorgeous, and I've gotten to see some good friends that I haven't seen in what seems like forever (and has actually only been a  few months at most, but still)  And with 3 months left, I'm sure I'll get a bunch of great things done!  How are all your summers going? I'd really love to hear about them!
And finally (for this post at least) Bethany over at Rinse. Repeat. is having a great giveaway in honor of her birthday - a 50$ Anthropologie gift card. Awesome, right?  So head on over there and follow her to get your chances in! 
And that's all for tonight, guys!  
<3 Kiersten 
PS.  What do you think of the new layout?  I made it a couple days ago, and I'm still not entirely sure how to feel about it.  Let me know what you think in the comment box, please! :)