November 16, 2010

Remember When We Were Young

"Fall on me.  Tell me everything you want me to be.  Forever with you.  Forever in me.  Ever the same."
- Rob Thomas 

Driving home today, this is what my friends and I listened to. 
My birthday/Thanksgiving is a week from this Thursday, and this Friday night, my 3 best friends at school and I are going out to dinner and a party, which I'm really excited for! :)  So tonight we went to the local mall so that I could get an outfit.
I miss this.  Already.  

Us, driving down the highway at 3am, listening to our favorite song on your iPod on replay.  Screw shuffle, it's that point in the night where you're so stuck in the moment that you never want it to end, and you'll do anything to make it last.  That's where we're at right now.  

We're not even talking, just singing along, making the seconds stretch for hours and we're the only ones on the road, driving to who knows where.  But where doesn't matter anyway, as long as we get there together, and wake up with the sunrise in our window, the 2 of us, the way it's been for so long now.

And suddenly, so quickly and fleetingly I'm almost not sure it was there, I miss this.  Like I know that one day, it's going to be over, and we're going to look back on this night and say "remember when we were young."  But by then, we'll of forgotten the name of the song we were listening to, and the time on the dashboard clock won't matter anymore.  The context of the whole situation, and the somehow important conversations we'd had will of been lost in translation.  It'll be a memory, and the realization makes me nostalgic.  

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