December 27, 2010


When I was about 5 years old, my mom signed me up for dance lessons: tap and ballet.  The little girl that I was tended to quit just about everything (that is, until I got to horse-back riding, but that's irrelevant) and after my first big recital, I was finished.  However, I love ballet - I think those girls are gorgeous, and as a "photographer" (HAH.  okay, let's just admit that it's a hobby, and I can't quite call myself a photographer) I've always wanted to be able to photograph them.  I think those are the most beautiful portraits, and I have these ideas in my head for photos.  However, there are no dance studios around me, not that I'd be allowed to simply go photograph little girls dancing anyway, and I lack any friends who do ballet.  

Are there any photos you've always wanted to take?  I'd love to hear about it!!


  1. I totally hear you about trying out different things when you're little and quitting before you realize what you have. Although, I never had dance lessons (always wanted to), I loved watching any movie that had dancing in it. Now my favourite thing is to go to a real ballet performance. The most wonderful experience was watching the American Ballet Troupe dance in London at the Royal Opera House many years ago.

  2. I did it all the time as a little girl - drove my parents crazy! Horse-back riding was the first thing I stuck with, and I'd still be doing it except for a hip injury that freaked my mom out - now I'm at college and the school doesn't have a (good) team, plus the one they do have is INSANELY expensive. Maybe one day I'll be able to get back to it...

    I've only been to one ballet that I can remember, myself, but there's still a part of me that really wishes I'd stuck with it. (HAH, try convincing age 5 Kiersten to do that...)

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting, though!
    <3 Kiersten


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