December 16, 2010


Leah wanted to make love to the man standing across the room from her.  She wanted to take him to a room in the back of the hotel they were both apparently staying at, to leave a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.  Perhaps though, that was the problem:  that she was referring to it that way.  Honestly, love was not involved.  There were no real feelings involved at all - she didn't even know his name, though for now she was going to refer to him as Dave, because she liked that name and he reminded her of a "Dave".  She'd like to fuck a Dave.  On a real level, neither of them knew anything about each other, but they’d both looked at each other, and in Leah’s opinion he wouldn’t mind pinning her against a wall either. 

Well¸ she thought to herself, I’m here for a week, and he’s just now checking in as well.  That gives me seven days.  With this determination in her head, and a laminated room card in her hand, Leah walked towards the elevators where ‘Dave’ was now waiting. 

“Hey, there!  I’m Leah, what’s your name?”  Well, there’s no use to me waiting around all week dodging around what I already know I want, she thought to herself.  “Hi.  I’m Eric.”  Well that’s disappointing.  “Nice to meet you, Eric,” and with that, Leah turned.  “Have a nice day.  I think I’m going to take the stairs.”  Leah knew what she wanted, and someone named Eric was not it. 

The only way that I can explain where this came from is to say that it is the result of a prompt.  Honestly, I wouldn't have written this otherwise.  

Two more finals - both tomorrow.  It's snowing outside, and for the first time this season, it's sticking.  Ick.  :(  I don't like snow - it just signifies that it really is THAT cold.


  1. Hey, I liked it. It was definitely a stretch from normal. I tend to like dark-ish stuff though sometimes. Gotta get it out, right?
    Congrats on all your finals, have a good, productive and photographic break :D

  2. Well thank you, anonymous :) I'm glad you liked it. Honestly, it wasn't really anything I had to get out - I saw a prompt, and this is what came to mind. Ah well, right?
    And thanks! Have a fun break, as well :)
    <3 Kiersten


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