March 21, 2011

Rain Rain, Go Away

And please, don't come back another day, not as long as it's still this cold!
Yesterday was the first day of spring, and today is the first baseball game at my school.  I had planned on going, but of the weather stays as is (cold, rainy, yucky), I think I'll wait for a game next week, or whenever it is that it warms up.
So today is Monday, and that means it's time for my weekly thankful list. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go ahead and check it out here)
- Spring.  Beautiful, warm, brand new, finally here spring.  I love it!!
- Fruit in the school dining hall.  I don't know why, but lately I've really been craving it!
- Honey.  My Grandmom always told me it was a wonderful substance that could work miracles, and I always told her she was crazy.  Now I believe her.
-Rain-boots and my Van Gogh umbrella
-Lovely blogs to read, and followers to read mine
-New layout for Spring (by the way, any thoughts on that?)

How about you, loves?  What are you thankful for this week??
And finally, one last thing today (before I post my 365) is an idea I got from Alivia and Danielle.  They listed five goals for themselves, based on five different categories, to accomplish over the next week.  Personally, I think it's a great way to start off the week, and have decided to follow suit.  So here goes :)
Nutrition:  I've never been big on worrying about healthy, which is confusing since health is my mom's favorite word.  However, I'm going to work on drinking more water and limit myself to one cup of Pepsi a day. (and I promise this is a BIG thing for me, considering how much Pepsi I drink on a regular basis)  And I'm going to try to find healthier things to eat in the school's dining hall (Lay off on the pasta, Kiersten.  Try those yummy vegetables they're serving at Lindsey's Garden)  
Exercise:  Pilates on Tuesday - I've been signed up for it all year, but I rarely actually make myself go.  I need to work on that, starting tomorrow (it's only held once a week, unfortunately).  Also, I need to start going to the gym more often, so I'm going to work on that this week.  (Kiersten, I don't care if you're tired.  Put on the sneakers, and walk over to the gym.  Now.)
Relationships:  Currently I'm single, and perfectly happy with that status.  However, I need to get myself out there and start meeting new people, making new friends, etc.  This week, I'm going to go to the dining hall by myself (scary, I know), and ask someone I don't know if I can sit with them.  (Or, if that for some reason doesn't work out, sit next to and introduce myself to some new people in my classes)
Creativity:  As I mentioned yesterday, I'm planning on starting a 365 project today.  I've also been wanting to take the snowflakes off of my door, and make some spring-themed decorations for my dorm, so I'm going to work on that this week.  And finally, I haven't been making time to work on my pillows on a while, so I went to get back to that. (just as soon as I find my thread....)
Me-Time:  Over Spring break, I started the book Anna Karenina, but since I've been back at school I haven't found much time to work on reading it.  This week, I'm going to make time each day to read. :)
How about you, readers?  What are your goals for the week?  If you do decide to join in, make sure to stop by Sometimes Sweet and let Danielle know, since this is her little idea.  And while you're at it, let me know too!  I'd love to read all about it!
So how were your weekends, guys?  Did you enjoy the weather on Friday, or get a free cup of Rita's yesterday?
<3 Kiersten

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