April 16, 2011

All the Colors of the Rainbow (23)

Okay, that's false advertising.  This photo is nowhere near "all the colors of the rainbow", but I thought the title was somewhat fitting.  
Today is the concert we're going to, and we're actually leaving in about a hour, which is why I'm posting this now.
Also, I think that this week I'm going to try out having a "theme" for days of the week.  If I like it, I'll keep doing it.  But my problem is, I'm out of ideas!  I've stalked other blogs for ideas, and here's what I have:
Monday:  Weekly Gratitude (from Love, Life, Lace)
Tuesday:  To-Do List?  Not really sure about this one yet, but I'd talk about my Bucket List...
Wednesday:  Wishful Wednesday  (idea from Bright Wishes)
Thursday:  Awkward and Awesome  (idea from Alivia)
Friday: ??
Saturday: ???
Sunday:  I'm thinking goals for the week...not sure about this one yet
Any ideas??
Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!  I can't wait to hear all about it :)
<3 Kiersten


  1. Your pictures are always the best! Seriously!

    You should have a "step-outside-your-comfort-zone" day or a free write day... or like a stream of consciousness post. The subconscious is always interesting :)


  2. Thank you :) I'm happy someone likes them!

    And thanks for the suggestions - I like the idea of a free-write day - help myself to get writing, which was the original purpose of this blog!
    <3 Kiersten


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