April 3, 2011

Take a Walk (13)

(Just as a warning before you start - this is a somewhat lengthy post.  But there are photos, and that helps, right?)

By some miracle, it was in the high 50's today, and it didn't rain at all; so my brother and I went for a walk on a nearby trail, and took a bunch of photos.

Okay, these first two were taken in my backyard...
I love flats :)

This is my brother on what used to be a railroad, and is now just a dilapidated bridge at the back of the trail.
My rain boots - as uncomfortable as they are, they're a wonderful thing to have!!
 My brother - Corey - took this photo of me on top of the bridge.
(I've always been afraid of heights, and for that reason every time I go to the trail, I make myself climb on top of the bridge.  I'm always afraid to be climbing up there, and once I'm up there and I look down from an area where the bars have fallen, I'm even more terrified - as irrational as it is since I know I won't fall.  I love the view, but I'm so scared the entire time I'm looking down.  All I need to do is think about how high I am off the ground, see how tiny the people on the ground appear, or glance down and it's enough to leave me freaking out.  "What if I fall?  What if I trip and slip off the edge?"  And then I'll kick a rock off the side of the ledge, just to see quite how high off the ground I am, which is enough to freak me out more.
But somehow, I still love being up there, and I love roller coasters and the idea of being able to fly.  I'm crazy.)
 ...And this one
And this one of me coming back down... (equally as terrifying, once I begin to realize how high I was)
And finally, here's Day 13
Another photo of Corey on the bridge, this time in black & white.  
I've been walking on this trail for years now, and today when we got there, we were greeted by CAT trucks and barriers.  They'd knocked down the trees that used to block the entrance, and I'm not sure what they plan on doing next, but I really hope they don't destroy the trail.  It's not the nicest place, but I love walking back there when it gets nice out like it was today.
I really hope it stays like this now that it's finally started - I love this time of year - the warm weather and the trees/flowers growing.  I can finally smell spring in the air!
How were your weekends, loves?  Did you do anything exciting with your sunny Sunday?  I'd love to hear all about it!
<3 Kiersten

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