June 5, 2011

Maroon 5 and Spring Cleaning

For as long as I can remember, my parents have held the mantra, upon hearing some new song on the radio targeted towards my generation, that there just isn't a band that will hold through the years the way there was when they were kids.  And maybe that's true - I can't debate that none of the bands I listen to are on the same level as The Beatles were and still are.  At the same time though,  I have a feeling that my grandparents held Sinatra in a higher regard than John Lennon.
Every so often a mood will hit me to listen to Maroon 5.  They're all I'll be able to listen to for a couple of days, and today was one of those days.  I spent most of my day cleaning, and in the background my iTunes played their most recent CD, as well as one so old that they went under the name Kara's Flowers.  I've loved Maroon 5 for as long as I've been listening to music, really. And I doubt that that will change.
Now I'm sure that not everyone feels the same way as I do about This Love and Never Gonna Leave This Bed, but they're a band that I'll certainly remember as being a large part of my childhood.
Okay, so I guess this post is trying to make a very shallow and basic topic much more deep than it is, but I'm listening to my iTunes as I write this, and it's what came to mind to write about.
Like I said - I spent a large portion of my day today cleaning my room and doing laundry.  I even went so far as to organize my bookshelf (it's small, and doesn't hold even a third of the books I own.  But honestly I just have a thing for bookshelves) - an organizational strategy that may even confuse the Vatican at first, and a few minutes ago Kitty was taking her first peak around the room.  It hasn't been this clean since I graduated last June and started getting ready for college (constantly in a state of packing and unpacking over the last 12 months).  She seemed confused by the state of things and quickly demanded that I let her out of the room. Personally though, I like it.  I know that in less than a couple of months the room will be chaos and nearly empty again as I pack up all my things to go back to school in the fall, but for now I'm enjoying it.
What did you guys do today?  Anything exciting?  I'd love to hear about it!!
<3 Kiersten 


  1. hey! i would love to be featured! thanks for finding my blog interesting. it really means a lot. :)


  2. i love maroon 5. personally, i like them better now then when they were Kara's Flowers.

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  3. I'm quite partial to both, but I'm not sure which I like more. I actually only have a few songs from Kara's Flowers, though.

    And definitely will do :) Thanks for stopping by!
    <3 Kiersten

  4. i just downloaded the new cd today and it is aweessommeeeeeee!!!!

  5. Hands All Over? I downloaded it I forget when, and oh my gosh I love it all! We need to see them in concert. :)
    <3 Kiersten


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