July 21, 2011

Talk to Yourself

Hey guys!  

So I know today is Thursday, but instead of doing Awkward and Awesome, I have a challenge for you (and, on that note, for myself).  Recently I've been thinking about writing a journal.  It's something that I've done on and off for most of my life, and I've always loved the idea of having a journal to look back at twenty years from now and read.  To see what I wanted then, and if it matches up with what I have and what I still want.  It never really seems to last, because I usually feel like Wow I sound pathetic.  Why am I talking to myself?  But that's the thing.  I do talk to myself, and if I can take the liberty of assuming this, I think we all do.  My mind is running for most of the day, thinking of a million different things.  I have found myself writing that's crazy on a customer's check instead of my usual thank you because I was thinking about a million "somethings" other than the tables I had waiting for me. 

And here's the thing.  If I'm talking to myself all day anyway, in a completely unorganized and distracting fashion, why not keep a journal of all these thoughts?  Maybe it will help me to focus it all so that I don't find myself rereading entire chapters in a book because I was busy thinking about everything I had to do the next day instead of processing what I was reading.  And as an added bonus, it'll give me one more reason (aside from this blog) to write on a regular basis.  You can always improve on your writing, and like I've always been told, you're your own worst critic.  Maybe if I'm reading over my own grammar errors and improperly formed sentences every day, it'll help me to construct something better.

So here's my challenge for this week, until next Thursday night:  keep a journal, separate from your blog.  Write everything in it that you talk to yourself about (because I know you do), even if it seems silly to write it down.  Does it make you feel better when you're done?  Does it help you organize the chaotic mess that your mind is (or perhaps I'm deflecting the current status of my own mind onto you...)?  
For the next seven days, try to write every night, even if it's only a couple of sentences.  Next Thursday, blog about how you think it helped (or was detrimental towards) you and your every-day life.  You don't have to talk about what you wrote, just how it affected you that week.  Sound good?

I'm putting a button on the "Cool Stuff I Do" tab, so grab it!  And make sure to link back here so everyone can join in! :)
<3 Kiersten


  1. Sounds perfect! I have to keep a journal for my illness, so this is a great idea!

  2. Hey girl! Thank you so much for the visit to my blog and for the kind words!

    Your little place is so cute and I so wanna participate in the "talk to yourself" challenge!

    Happily following, hope you'll follow back and stay in touch!

    Blessings, Kisses & Coladas

    Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

  3. Hey guys! I'm so glad you're both interested, and thanks for commenting! Don't forget to put the button on your page so other people can join in too! :)
    <3 Kiersten

  4. I posted an entry:


  5. I keep a notebook (10 minutes per day) on the advice of my writing tutor, but it's purely related to my current manuscript - snippets or sometimes whole pieces. I love handmade journals but I'm absolutely useless at maintaining them.

    Good luck with your journal entries!

  6. That's awesome, Jayne. And definitely a good idea. I know tat I'm constantly receiving advice and thinking of ideas for my writing, but I always forget to write it down!
    And thank you :)
    <3 Kiersten


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