July 31, 2011

WebCam Love

She didn't much appreciate it at the time...
But I am absolutely positive that Kitty will cherish these photos a month from now when I'm back at school....
Or maybe I'm just flattering myself, and she'll continue her daily routine of ninja-sneaking her way into my room, and sleeping on the bed all day....
How about you?  Got any pets you miss dearly when you're away from them?  
(or is that just me and my unhealthy relationship with my cat?)
<3 Kiersten
PS.  Whatcha think of the new layout/blog name, friends?  I'll un-friend you if you don't love it.  Just kidding, but seriously...it took me two days.  Worth it?


  1. I love cats, so I'll be taking Tipper to college with me.

  2. I love your new layout/name. It's adorable and original! :D

  3. I have a fluffy little meow here at my place who comes on weekend visits to my parents with me because I can't stand leaving her home alone! She likes to ride in the car draped over the back of my shoulders so she can see where we are going.

  4. ahahaha I'm sure Kutz will appreciate that, Jeff!

    Tara - thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

    Silver - That's absolutely adorable! I can't imagine that Kitty would be at all okay with a car ride - she sounded like she was dying the last time we put her in the crate to take her somewhere in the car. And then didn't speak to me for days afterwards.

    <3 Kiersten


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