August 6, 2011

3 Weeks

Three weeks from today, I will be in my dorm room at school.  
I will be setting up our room, and getting ready for classes in a couple of days.  I will be spending time with friends who I haven't seen in a few months, and possibly thinking up all the things that I will write to my friends back home about.

I will be ordering Chinese food from our favorite delivery place in town (and trust me...that took a semester or two of trial and error to win a place in our hearts), the one that we all have stored in our phones.  We will be putting off eating in the school cafeteria for one more day.  

I will be meeting the people living on my floor, going to an all-floor meeting to introduce ourselves.  
I will be walking to the frozen yogurt place in town to make a diabetes-inducing mixture, and making plans to go to the fair in town later that week.  Because what else does a college-town have to do over the summer other than plan a celebration for the returning students?

I am so. ready. to be back.

<3 Kiersten


  1. Very nice post...I like the new blog design :)


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