August 16, 2011

I'm Having Brunch

Hello Friends!  So sorry that I've been gone for a bit - I've been settling back into routine since returning from vacation!

However, today I am guest-posting over at Alivia's blog: Brunch in April!!  Alivia's blog is one of my favorites, and I love reading her posts every day.  Normally, she has a featured blogger of the month, however for the month of August she invited her readers to guest-post for her.  

So definitely go check out my post over there, and while you're stopping by, check out some of Alivia's posts!!  She's wonderful - I promise! 
And if you're stopping by from Brunch in April, thanks so much for taking the time to come see me!  Please, pull up a chair, have an Irish Potato, and enjoy yourself.  And don't forget to let me know you were here so that I can stop by your little home some time! :)

And now that I'm finished with announcements, who's ready for some vacation photos??
My mom, brother and I spent most of the week in LBI.  It was my first trip to the island, and as a girl who spent most summers in Wildwood and Ocean City, let me tell you - it was gorgeous.  The beach was beautiful and so clean (not really a factor in Wildwood), and we went biking through all the towns on the island to see the lighthouse in Barnnagut (is that how you spell that?).  All in all, it was a very relaxing vacation, and I'd love to go back next year!!
So without further ado, here are some photos from our trip.
This was a view of the water below from the top of the lighthouse.  My brother took this photo because I'm not a big fan of heights. 
Also the view from the top of the lighthouse
mom and brother in the ocean

So how about you, friends?  How are you enjoying the last few days of summer?
<3 Kiersten


  1. That looks like such a beautiful place! I wish i were there right now! :) It looks so peaceful. I am glad you had a fun time!!!

  2. Thanks HzelandMare! It really was gorgeous there!
    <3 Kiersten

  3. Glad you had such a good vacation! It looks like a beautiful place!

  4. Thanks Mel! It was :)
    <3 Kiersten


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