August 30, 2011

In Which I Admit to Being a Nerd

You know that feeling you get at the beginning of the school year?  Like you're five and it's your first day of Kindergarten all over again, and you can't wait for it to start?  

Well, that feeling is gone, because of course it is fleeting - it only lasts through the first twenty minutes or so of your first class before listening to the Professor discuss the syllabus gets boring, and your turn to introduce yourself to everyone ("Hi, I'm Kiersten.  I'm a sophomore with a major in English and a minor in Journalism.") has already passed.  

But after that first excitement fades, and you realize that unlike kindergarten, History 150 and Computer Science are going to require far more work than memorizing the alphabet did, comes the real excitement.  The anticipation that follows the end of the first day of classes, when the next day holds the promise of actually learning something, and maybe even an assignment or two!  

Or is it just me?

Either way, tomorrow marks the first actual day of class.  On Monday, all of my professors simply explained their expectations for us that semester and, for the smaller classes, had everyone introduce themselves.  Tomorrow, we'll start learning.  We'll break in the new notebooks and pens, and write a couple of assignments in our agenda books.  And, maybe I'm just crazy, but I'm excited.

How about you, Friends?  Are any of you starting a new semester at school?  Tell me all about it!!

<3 Kiersten  


  1. Oh, I so feel you on this! I start a new semester next Wednesday...and I'm mixed with dread and excitement. I love the new pencils, the fresh syllabus and all. But...I loathe the new responsiblities. The stress of actually looking at that syllabus and realizing just how much work I have to do.

    And you know what I hate most of all? The cheesy introductions. "I'm Bethany, and this summer I..." Boring! :)

    But, I just buy myself a new outfit and get my hair done as a "back to school" tradition...that way I look forward to it a little bit more. :)

    Best of luck, lady!!

  2. Well I hope the semester goes well for you, as I'm sure it will!! Of course, the excitement will wear off after a week or two, but I still really like school. I'm not really sure how I'll feel about graduating in a few years...

    And I agree about the introductions! It just seems like such a terrible icebreaker. As though knowing the name and the major of every single student in the room is going to facilitate our understanding of the Civil War.

    Good luck next week! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful semester :) And thank you!
    <3 Kiersten

  3. I completely agree!! The first day is exciting and kind of fun, because there's not much "actual" learning done. But then the second day is, well, the start of school :)

    Thanks for following my blog!! I love yours :)


  4. Exactly!!
    And of course - thanks for following mine :)
    <3 Kiersten


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