November 9, 2010

Literary Descriptions of a Storm

I've searched the world for a simile to describe the way the thunder cracks like a whip, to explain the lightning flashing as though a child found the light switch.  Perhaps the old idea, that the rain pours like so many tears from God's eyes.  
I've sat for hours, trying to imagine a metaphor to explain the way that the storm is a sobbing child, an angry toddler, a warring couple late into the night.  
I've spent long nights awake, dreaming up ways to personify the way the thunder throws her against the wall, an angry lover who learned too much, too soon.  The way the rain punishes us for all the wrongs done to her by someone so far away, someone so far gone.  

I'm not sure how to end this...  I'll work on it more later, probably, but for now this is what I have.  

<3 Kiersten

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