November 8, 2010

A Simile for Death

Day 6:
It's the feeling that you get watching the water circle to the drain, like a little girl again.  Like it's all rushing away from you, leaving you with nothing but a faint memory of it's once being there.  The feeling of your entire life flushing away before your eyes, and there's nothing you can do the stop it.  

It's like the autumn leaves falling away from the trees.  The cold breeze blowing them away, to different parts of nowhere, of everywhere, of anywhere.  Of nowhere that you'll ever see them again, and if you don't pick them up now, each and every piece, then you'll have to admit that the summer is gone, and the winter is fast approaching.  And there's nothing you can do about it, because you can already feel the snow breathing coldly on the back of your neck.

It's the pit in your stomach, as you sit in the backseat of a yellow taxi, watching your childhood home fall away from you, getting smaller and smaller in the distance.  It's watching your childhood memories flash by your car window at 35 miles per hour, until there's nothing you even recognize left in the rear-view mirror.  And you can't turn around and go back, because you already told them all that you were leaving for good.  

That's what it feels like, your life flashing away before your eyes, and there's nothing you can do but watch it go.  

I don't know why I wrote's what came when I sat down and told myself to write something.

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