December 7, 2010

Christmas-time is Almost Here

I haven't been taking any new photos lately. :(  This is because most of the photos I take are outdoors, and it's winter, a season which I despise.  The warmest it has been in the past couple of weeks has been 38 degrees.  I can barely get myself to walk to class, the library, and the dining hall, let alone go outside and wander around taking photos.  Besides, everything's dead, and there's no snow as of yet, so there's not really much to take a photo of.  I do miss photography, though.  What do you guys like to take pictures of?

But the season is upon us, so I think that today I'm going to share with you guys the few winter photos I have taken in the past.  

For a while, I took exclusively photos of flowers, close-up.  This was my father's pride and joy last year - his Pointsetta.  

If you live on the East Coast, you suffered through the multiple snow storms last year, as well.  This was one of the first ones, and for my dog Dixie, this was her first adventure in the snow.  Ever.  (We adopted her from somewhere in the south that doesn't get cold or snow.)  She was loving it.  
I know that I posted this photo yesterday, but when I searched through all my photos, and could only find TWO wintery/Christmasty photos, I felt bad.  

Finals start a week from today.  I don't want to make any promises about the faithfulness of my posting next week, because there is a very high chance that when I'm not taking a final, I'll be either studying or having a nervous breakdown.  Not much time for simple things like sleep, food, and blogging.  Are any of you preparing for finals?  Or are you getting ready for Christmas, and have pictures to share?? Share the love in the comment box!


  1. Awwww finals... mine start a week from Friday. They suck, and we'll forgive you if you don't post, as long as you make up for it with EXTRA AWESOME writing and pictures during break!
    What's wrong with winter photos? Snow can look cool. Do you remember that crazy ice storm around six years ago? I know my entire backyard was just covered in a glaze of ice. It looked quite cool.
    Good luck on finals!

  2. I will definitely have awesome stuff for the posting during break, especially because I'll have a month worth of time to run around taking pictures of anything and everything!
    And snow can look cool, but I hate the cold, so I'm usually not too keen on the idea of going out and wandering around with my camera. Plus, I have this horrified image in my head of me slipping on the ice, and my camera landing in a pile of snow.
    I don't remember the crazy ice storm, but I was also 12 or 13 at the time.
    Thanks! And good luck to you too! And thanks for commenting. Can I ask how you found my page, and if you have one that I could follow you back to?
    <3 Kiersten


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