January 29, 2011

Hello Saturday

I love Saturdays - they are, I think, my favorite day of the week.  Monday through Friday mean getting up early for class, and being fairly busy throughout the day.  Sunday is the day before it all starts again.  Saturday, though, is a lazy day for sleeping in late, and doing whatever I please all day.  

I'm spending the day lying about the dorm, and getting classwork done before the new week begins.  (snow delays/cancellations make for a lot of missed work)  How about you loves?  What'r you up to this weekend?


  1. I love Saturdays too! There's just a neat feel to it... Kinda relaxing and sometimes busy busy. Good luck with your classwork studies! I am not doing anything this weekend. Church on Sunday and.... that's about it. haha

  2. Thanks :)
    And that sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend! I hope you enjoy it!
    <3 Kiersten


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