February 6, 2011

Thankful Sunday

*yoga pants and Uggs (soo comfortable!)*
*41 degree days*
*that feeling you get when all your work is finally done*
*lovely  blogs  that I love reading. (check both of those wonderful pages out!)*
*music.  I could not live without it.  (this is an idea Alivia  suggested in a post a couple of weeks ago.  Trade mix-CDs, anybody?)*
*Einstein's Bagels right on campus*

Join us on our Weekly Gratitude Quest, won't you?


  1. hehe, i obviously love music too! what's einsteins' bagels? do they sell just bagels or like, things on bagels b/c that would be reaaaaallllllllllly good :P

  2. You've never heard of Einsteins? haha Well, it's a bagel shop - they have the worlds most incredible bagels and a bunch of different types of cream cheese and such (though I only ever get a plain bagel with plain cream cheese) and then they also have drinks and stuff.
    You should visit me soon, and then we can go to Einsteins :)
    <3 Kiersten

  3. tht would be awesome! next time we go to philly, i should come back to ur college! tht would b really cool. maybe, if we plan right, my dad could pick me up from there, b/c he works in west chester a lot.

  4. Yessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is all, thank you
    <3 kiersten

  5. The world is truly a better place because of yoga pants. Amen.

  6. It most definitely is, Kelly!
    <3 Kiersten


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