March 21, 2011

And So it Begins (1)

Okay guys, last post for today.  I swear.  
I mentioned earlier that I am starting a 365 project today.  This is something I've tried a couple of times in the past, however I was doing it as self-portraits, which just didn't work out as I ran out of ideas and started to feel pretty vain taking that many pictures of myself.  This time around, I'm just trying 365 photos of anything, in an attempt to remind myself to carry my camera everywhere, and to to better my photography skills.  Wish me luck?
So anyway, here's Day 1
As I'm sure you can tell, the photo is completely unedited.  I'm going to try to not edit the photos for this project (aside from basic crop or black&white), because I have a problem with using editing software to fix problems in my photography.  As I said, I want this project to help better my picture-taking skills, and editing them won't lend to that.  
The photo was taking in the most adorable little shop in the gorgeous little town which I call home for eight months of the year.  The man who owns it fills the whole store with antiques, post-cards, and collectible-type items.  I feel so at home in that store, and can't wait to go back a hundred more times!
<3 Kiersten


  1. i really like that ^ picture, idky, but it's just really cool.

  2. Hehe, thanks Erk!
    I saw it in the store, and thought it looked really cool too, which is why I took the picture. The whole store is like that! When you and Jeff visit in April, we should go.
    <3 Kiersten


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