March 22, 2011

Preserve WCU (2)

I'm sure most of you, or at least those of you from Pennsylvania, have heard about the proposed budget cuts to public schools and state schools.  Well, I go to one of those schools, and the budget cut would mean a 30% increase on my tuition, plus layoffs for the professors, and larger class sizes.  Today there was a small rally outside of my dorm, and a friend and I went to it.  It was small, and also pretty short, but there was a news crew there, and I took a couple photos.  I also just signed the petition for it, and for those of you who it does affect (if you're interested), here's the link to sign it.  It honestly only takes about five minutes to sign it, and every person makes a huge difference!
Anyway, now that my PSA is over, that leads me to today's photo, which is from the rally. (Okay, here's where I have to admit that the photo was taken with my cell phone, but who ever said that every picture had to be taken with my fancy schmancy Digital SLR?)
The rally had a ton of students, professors, and other faculty and staff, as well as a few people from the community/alumni.  While we were there, they had students fill out post cards explaining how the budget cut is going to affect them, and they're going to send them to our specific representatives.
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