April 24, 2011

Playing Catch-Up (26 and 27)

Happy Easter, loves!!  I hope you all had a wonderful day off to spend with family and friends!  

I went to brunch with a friend of mine from high-school, her parents and a couple of their neighbors today.  It was nice to get to see her and catch up.  (Plus it made me even more excited to be home in two weeks for the summer!)  

And after that, I went to my grandparents' house with my dad and brother for dinner, which was also nice getting to see family for a few hours, before heading back to the dorm. :)

How were your weekends, loves?  I'd love to hear all about it!!

And now, to make up for not being around for a few days, here are a bunch of photos I took over the weekend!!

Last night, my parents, brother and I dyed eggs together.  There were actually two-dozen of them total, but this is only the one case :)

 Before that though, my brother and I went to Rita's to get water-ice. :)  He wouldn't let me take any pictures of him and his gelatti, but these are some pictures from around the Rita's itself since we ate it there.

And then these are some photos from today at my grandparents' house
  Of course, it rained for part of the day today, and I love photos after/during the rain <3
 And finally, of course, my 365 photos from the weekend:  Days 26 and 27:
 (Sorry for the insane amount of photos - I hope you at least enjoyed looking at them!
Happy Easter, everyone!!
<3 Kiersten

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