June 29, 2011

The Beach

Originally, Amber and I had planned on going to Ocean City, Maryland.  
At around 2am on what was technically Sunday morning, when we finally Mapquested the directions and saw that it was a four hour drive, we decided to go to Ocean City, New Jersey instead.  A much more reasonable two hour drive which afforded us an extra hour or so of sleep.  
So after playing with the kittens that she found outside of her house for a bit longer, we finally went to sleep, and didn't wake up again until about five hours later when her alarm went off.
Adorable, right?
A few hours later, after stopping at Cumberland Farms to get gas and pick up a pack of ice, and stopping at Amber's parents' house for a cooler, we were on our way.  
The drive went easily, amazingly enough we didn't get lost, and we were on the beach by about 11:30 laying out our blanket and (at least on my part) covering myself in sun-tan lotion.  (Being Irish, Polish, Scottish, and Swedish means that I burn.  A lot.  Very easily.)
  Of course, the first thing that I did was climb on the rocks (apparently, I later learned, that's a big no-no) and take pictures of the ocean, which Amber later managed to convince me to go into (just my feet...just because it meant I could take more pictures).
Despite my undeniable fear of heights, I love ferris wheels.  And other boardwalk rides.  But I find ferris wheels beautiful.
That night, we decided to stay at a hotel.  (a decision which eventually became more of a necessity than a decision when her back windshield broke and we couldn't drive home at night with a tarp over the back of the car)
We stayed out on the boardwalk until what was technically the next day, and slept as late as we could the next day before we had to check out.  We spent a couple more hours on the beach, but left when it started to look like rain and we didn't to get stuck driving home in a terrible storm.  
It was such a great trip, and I miss the beach already!!  Of course, there are plenty more photos, but I didn't want to overwhelm the post with too many of them!
How were your weekends, loves?  Did you do anything exciting?
<3 Kiersten  

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