June 25, 2011

Ocean City

Hello loves!
Tomorrow will be my first beach trip of the season - a friend and I are going for the day to Ocean City New Jersey (a last minute change of plans from the original decision to go to Maryland).  I'm so excited!  I bought a new bathing suit for the occasion last night, and I'm already completely packed (trust me...this is early for me to be packed) waiting for her to get here to pick me up since I'm sleeping at her house tonight.  
I love love LOVE the beach.  To the point where usually, my first trip there each summer is usually when I realize "Hey, it's actually SUMMER!"
My family and I always took vacations every summer for as long as I can remember, and in recent years it has been to places like California, The Bahamas, and Vegas.  When I was younger though, we used to rent a house down the shore for the entire summer, and then my parents would alternate taking us to the house.  We would spend a pretty huge portion of our summers there, sometimes bringing friends from home with us, and other times making friends with the other kids our age who were there for the summer.  One summer I remember in particular (I even remember the name of the street we stayed on)  I  became good friends with a little girl who lived in the house next door.  We used to spend entire days together playing, and by the end of the summer neither of us wanted it to be over, although we both had childlike dreams that we'd see each other again the next year.  We even exchanged addresses to send each other letters, but I don't remember if we ever actually kept that promise to one another.  
To me, the beach means summer.  I used to want to live near one...but honestly, I think that would kill some of the magic of it.  If I always had the ocean around the corner, it wouldn't be as special when I was able to make trips there.  It wouldn't mean it was summer anymore.  
How about you?  What do you consider a sure sign of summer's being here?
<3 Kiersten 
PS.  These photos were all ones I took last summer in OCMD :)


  1. This post almost read my thoughts this afternoon. I grew up 15 minutes from Long Island Sound (which almost counts as a the ocean, haha) and being in school forever means that I've pretty much spent every summer a short drive from the water. This is the first summer (more or less) ever that I'm not near the ocean & it just doesn't feel like summer yet!

  2. I feel as if the summer arrives with our first BBQ. I am always childishly happy with it (:

  3. I'll definitely post pictures once I get them uploaded!
    Emily - I feel like that would feel so strange to be away from the ocean for the first time in your life after living near it for so long. I know personally that if I were to not go to the beach all summer, it wouldn't really feel like it had been summer at all!
    And BBQs are great too Saffie! A friend of mine's family has a lot of them throughout the summer so I always get to go to those!
    <3 Kiersten


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