July 13, 2011

Write on Wednesday (1)

Hey guys!  So today is my first day doing a new project that I found on Ink Paper Pen.  The project is a way to get ourselves writing something at least once a week, and hopefully in the process, it'll make me write more often than that.  Each week, there will be a new prompt for anybody participating to write on.  The only rule is that you read the other participants' posts.  Sounds good, right?

So anyway, the prompt this week was to pick a song and, after listening to the first line or two, give yourself five minutes to write whatever comes to mind.  You could either pick a favorite song of yours, or turn on the radio and go without whatever you hear playing first.  For my piece, I chose Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson.  It's the first song I heard by him, and I love it - it's a very lyrical song, which I thought would be helpful in prompting me to write something.  


"I miss the sound of your voice.  And I miss the rush of your skin.  And I miss the feel of the silence as you breathe out and I breathe in."

I wasn't the one singing the song.  I hadn't even been the one to think the words, at least not the way he said them.  But I felt them.  I felt every beat of them and more.

I missed the smell of your hair, and the sound of your breathing while you slept next to me at night in our queen-sized bed.  I missed waking up next to you just a couple of minutes before you opened your eyes, having it all rush at me like a wave - how much I loved you in that moment.  In every moment.

I missed swapping sections of the New York Times with you each morning, lying in bed together.  I miss arguing over whose turn it was to jump out of bed at 7am, to go grab the newspaper off of the cold cement front step, still barefoot and in pajamas, before rushing back inside and under the covers to pretend we'd never left in the first place.

I wish you'd never left in the first place...


I know it's not very well put together - such is my unthought out (is that a word?) writing sans editing. 
But damn, it felt good to write it!  
So thank you if you stuck with me this far to read my short first post.  And welcome if you're here as a result of Write On Wednesdays - thanks for stopping by!
Write On Wednesdays

<3 Kiersten


  1. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed writing this, Kiersten. I thought it was well done. I like how you tied in the last line. Definitely had me wondering, whether someone had left by choice or if something more sinister had happened. Don't know why as is didn't have a sinister feel throughout...

    Welcome to Write On Wednesdays! I hope you continue to play along and enjoy it.


  2. Awww, such a bittersweet piece of writing. Lovely!

  3. Thank you both! :)
    And Gill - I'll definitely be back next week.
    <3 Kiersten

  4. Glad you found WoW. I really liked your piece. I want to know what happened as well.

  5. Thanks, E.! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    <3 Kiersten

  6. I had the same sinister suspicion as Gill! I enjoyed this Kiersten and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  7. Thanks for reading and commenting Alex!! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    <3 Kiersten


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