September 18, 2011

Coffee Shop Morals

So remember that time I said I didn't like coffee?  That I was a (constant) hot chocolate girl, and a (fickle) tea lover?  
Forget it.  I lied.
Pumpkin Spice Lattes are, quite possibly, the greatest thing I have ever tasted.  It's like drinking warm pumpkin pie.  And who wouldn't love that?
The girls at work talked me into trying one today (and let's just face it...that didn't take much convincing), and I'll never go back.  In fact, I'll likely go into withdrawal at the end of the season when they stop selling them.
I may have to convince them to sell me the recipe...
So what's the moral of the story, folks?  Run, fly, or teleport (don't even think about walking) to your nearest Starbucks, and buy the largest size they have (I think it's a Trente now?  Or something similar...) of a Pumpkin Spice Late!!!

<3 Kiersten 


  1. mmm these are a seasonal favorite of mine- I pretty much obsess over ANYTHING pumpkin in the fall! Now you've got me craving one!!

  2. I've always loved pumpkin anything, but was iffy on trying the latte because of my disdain towards coffee. It was unwarranted - you can't even taste the coffee!
    I hope you have a Starbucks nearby so that I don't have you wanting one and unable to get it!!
    <3 Kiersten


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