September 17, 2011

Love of my Town

Reason #357 I love my town.
(full disclosure: I don't know if there are that many reasons.  I just liked the sound of 357.)

Today, my roommates and I ate lunch at a pizza place in town.  As I was waiting in line at the register to ask for a fork, the man in front of me was paying off his credit from last night.  Apparently the power went out all over town, and he had no cash on him.  So they took his name, and trusted him to pay today.
In most places, people stopped trusting each other that much years ago.  
I think that a lot of the reason for this trust is that a lot of the stores and restaurants in town are privately owned. I fully believe that had the power gone out at a Dominoes, nobody would ever have accepted "I'll pay you tomorrow", because corporate would likely have fired them.  
Which coincidentally is another reason I love this town:  I love privately owned places so much more than a large corporate place where nobody who works there has ever even met the actual owner.  

Tomorrow is the Restaurant Festival in town.  It's a yearly affair, and is a pretty big deal in my town.  I work in a restaurant and was advised by my manager to leave my dorm about fifteen minutes to a half hour sooner than I normally would because the side walks and streets will be absolutely jammed all day.  Yeah.  It's that big.
Last year I was at a friend's house for the weekend, and this will  be my first experience of the festival.  I almost wish I didn't have work so that I could go take pictures!

How about you guys?  What's something you love about your town?

<3 Kiersten

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  1. That's awesome! Hmm... I will have to get back to you... taking a break from homework.


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