December 10, 2010

An Empty Vase

Today, as I was going through cabinets spring cleaning, I found this amongst the empty boxes and cleaning supplies in the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  Old, and somewhat dusty, it used to hold happy memories of awkward first dates, and the scent of sweat and perfume after a daughter's senior prom.  Now, many years and a million other memories later, it sat in the back of a cabinet collecting dust and containing the scent of citrus dish soap.  

I took it out placed it on the counter, mixed thoughts racing through my mind, but only one intention.  Now, it is cleaned, shining and empty as the day it was purchased for just $.25 at a garage sale - my grandfather's gift to his wife.  Now, generations later, it sat on my counter, empty and without any intended purpose.

I wished that somebody would bring me flowers, just so that it would look less empty, and I could feel less pathetic by placing it on display.


Today is Friday - time for my obsessions.
   1)  Christmas bows - my roommate and I have them on the door.  There is one on my laptop, and also one on my tissue box.
   2)  Rubber duckies.  I collect them :)
   3)  Hot chocolate, especially in my new Cheshire Cat mug. (given as a gift from my good friend)  

What are your weekly obsessions, my loves?
Happy weekend!


  1. Love your obsessions! I'm very much in love with wrapping presents lately :)

    I'm glad the music is helpful!

  2. Thank you, Alivia!
    And yes, the music definitely helped me concentrate on Biology, so thank you for posting it!!
    <3 Kiersten


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