February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

First, I would like to say that I believe the weather today was a miracle/gift from St. Valentine.  It was in the 50's today, and is only supposed to get warmer (60 degrees) on Friday.  I was ready to dance when I went outside and realized how warm and sunny it was!!  As long as it stays this warm, I promise some photos later in the week!!   
For now, here are some Valentine's Day photos :)
Coming out of class this morning, I was handed this flower from a group on campus who was handing them out to students in the academic quad. :)  It made me smile!

And then my parents and my brother sent me this.  Isn't it so pretty?  (It's also quite tasty)

I hope you all had a great day (I'd love to hear about it!), and if not - tomorrow will be better! I promise!
Happy Valentines Day to all of you lovely readers, and thank you so much for reading/taking the time to comment. It always makes me smile! :)


  1. OMG sooo jealous of your strawberry arrangement!!!! they should've sent me one too!!! hahahaha

  2. hahaha I'm sorry :(
    I have soooo many strawberries/grapes right now! It's wonderful!
    (Also, I will be writing back to you ASAP)
    <3 Kiersten


Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! It means so much to me, and I really do love reading all your messages! <3